About Us

Saves upto 60% electricity. It is a drive toward efficiency with SolDrive.

SolDrive devices were manufactured bearing in mind the power constraint issues and integration of renewable energy resources with the grid. These products limit reliance on grid enabling a feasible and self-sufficient off-the-grid environment which can significantly reduce transmission losses and increase efficiency. The product line has been developed after years of research and thorough testing to ensure highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our Team

Nauman Ahmad Zaffar

Nauman Ahmad Zaffar is Associate Professor and Director Energy and Power Systems cluster at LUMS. Professor Nauman serves as the technical and managerial head of SolDrive. His aims include providing solutions to conventional electricity problems by cutting down cost operations and increasing efficiency which could ultimately transform Pakistan into an environment friendly country. He has vast experience in Power Electronics, Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Systems.

Muhammad Awais

Engr. Muhammad Awais leads the technical team of the company. He holds Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from LUMS and has substantial experience in Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) along with optimization of renewable energy with grid. Awais has a vision to replace conventional electricity appliances that have become an economic burden on the user and the country as a whole. He is also the team-lead for another project that is introducing lithium-ion batteries, having efficiency up to 95%, at an affordable price in Pakistan as a replacement to the less efficient lead-acid batteries.

Hammad Qureshi

Engr. Hammad Qureshi is a MS graduate from LUMS in Electrical Engineering and is responsible for country-wide sale of products, managing manufacturing and dispatch schedules. He is also leading the consumer-relations and after-sales services team for the company. Hammad has also been a part of a team that is currently developing comprehensive policy recommendations for introduction of electric vehicles in Pakistan.

Hassan Fatimi

Engr. Hassan Fatimi is working as a technical engineer in the company. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UET, Lahore and MS degree from LUMS. Hassan is responsible for quality assurance of the products and has substantial experience in Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), microcontrollers PIC and DSPIC.

Alamgeer Khattak

Engr. Alamgeer Khattak works in the company as a development engineer. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NUST and MS degree in electrical engineering from USPCAS-E at UET Peshawar. He holds vast experience in battery systems, electrical converters and grid-integration of renewable energy. Engr. Khattak also holds extensive expertise in entrepreneurial ventures and operational management.

Muhammad Adeel

Engr. Muhammad Adeel is working as a development engineer in the company. Graduating from UET, Lahore having completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, he complemented this further by attaining his Master’s degree from LUMS. He holds proficiency in electrical converters, selective contact based solar cells and smart grid solutions. Furthermore, he brings substantial managerial experience to this project.